In-Circuit Test Applications and FVT Equipment

RNS International is a world leader in high-quality           In-Circuit and Functional Verification Test equipment. 

We offer a full range of products and services for the industry accepted automated test systems, including:




-And more                                               


We can also design, develop, and manufacture wireless test fixtures and complex ICT projects. 

We'll take care of everything.

With decades of experience developing test fixtures, we are the recognized industry leaders for solid and reliable quality as well as our outstanding customer service. We fully support our products locally and worldwide for maintenance, repair, and ECO work. Also, 100% wiring verification is part of our Quality Control process, by utilizing automated verification machines for GenRad/Teradyne and HP/Agilent fixture. 

Type of ICT Fixtures

Backer Gate (Mechanical Hold-Down)

Product Detail: Extruded aluminum surrounds the circuit board under test. This allows us to mount push elements and sensors to the backer gate. It also helps keep the board under test flat and stress-free.  Our most popular test fixture contains a backer gate, and is also known as a Mechanical Over-Clamp.

Vacuum Cover/Vacuum Box

Product Detail: The "Vacuum Box" or "Vacuum Cover" utilizes the tester vacuum to lower the board under test onto test points with the aid of the upper plate, with its push elements. With this fixture type you get a higher push down force and support a higher number of probes. 


We are constantly designing variations of this product and so are continually expanding our considerable library. The smallest probe size we currently incorporate in ICT Fixtures are 25 Mil. 


Product Detail: RNS's Vacuum Clamshells contains proven innovations that give it superior action and reliability.


If a particular application requires accurate top side probing, the use of a Vacuum Clamshell unit is the answer. 

Pneumatic fixtures

Product Detail: If vacuum is not an option, and node count exceeds the capability of a manual fixture, a Pneumatic Fixture may be the answer.


Pneumatic fixtures offer easy access to the printed circuit board and allow for cooling of the board during testing.

Mechanical Linear Motion

Product Detail: Linear motion eliminates the shear-factor, which happens with a classic Mechanical Gate. We have many standard sizes and can also offer customized solutions.


If vacuum and pneumatic actuation is not an option, and your node count is less than 500, a manual actuation will be the most suitable solution. 

Bi-Level or Multi-Stage Fixtures

These fixtures are perfect for single or dual sided boards that need to be tested powered, non-powered, functional or in-circuit in different stages. Selected probe travels release fluidly and efficiently offering controlled actuation between stages. Effortless motion between stages prevent un-do strain on the test boards. 

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