FCT Functional Test Fixtures

Do you need a functional fixture or automated machinery?   RNS can help!

With decades of experience using the latest technologies—not to mention the best engineers, developers, and customer service in the business—you can be certain our functional test fixtures will surpass your expectations.

RNS can build almost any test equipment and automated test machinery. We have delivered soltions for HiPot, LED Test, Leak Test and RF shielded applications for years. We can provide Complete Test Systems, including Test Fixtures, Rack System and even Programming.  Our team is committed and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional products independent of scope, so simple- and high-complexity projects are handled with equal care.

Functiontal Test Applications

Battery or Power Supply Test Fixtures

Customized:                       *Fixtures                             *Cabinets                           *Closures                           *Trays                                 *Boxes                               

Full or Half Test Rack

Hi-Pot Fixtures

Shielded RF Test Fixtures

LED Light Test Fixtures

Medical Device Test Fixtures

Non-Contacting Sensor Test Fixtures

Display Check Test or Infotainment Test Fixtures

While not every PCB and PCBA Test Fixture solution is standard, we use these common platforms to keep costs down for your project.

  • Clamshell
  • Mechanical Hold-Down (Backer Gate)
  • Mechanical Linear Motion
  • Pneumatic
  • Vacuum Cover/ Vacuum Box


ATE Test Fixture options are almost unlimited

RNS's most common fixture options include:

  • Button Check
  • Cable and Harness Assembly Check
  • Display Check

  • Hi-Pot Testing

  • Infotainment Check
  • LED Check

  • Non-Contact Sensors

  • PCBA Test Fixture

  • Power Supply Check
  • Probing Through Connectors

  • RF Interconnect

  • Shielded RF

  • Top, Bottom, or Side Probing

  • Wireless

  • ATE Test Fixture

Looking for Test Fixture Kits, Accessories or Components?

We offer a wide range of readily available standard fixture kits in addition to customized kits or fixture cans. 

The most popular fixture kits we sell are the linear mechanical gate, vacuum cover, clamshell, and backer gate. But we can offer any vacuum or mechanical actuation type kits. Contact us today to find out more. 

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