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WriteNow! programmer increases the support of Renesas RH850 Family


WriteNow! programmer expands the device list by adding many new Renesas devices (+100), part of the RH850 Family (Automotive target) of 32-bit single-chip microcontroller with a G3K core.

The RH850 is Renesas Electronics' latest automotive micro-controller family that offers high performance balanced with very low power consumption over a wide and scalable range of products. This family offers rich functional safety and embedded security features needed for new and advanced automotive applications.

As programming interface, WriteNow! uses the standard UART  protocol with a maximum Baudrate of 2000000 bits/s.

Algocraft provides support of Renesas RH850 family through all of its WriteNow! Series, single and parallel In-System Programmers. Our four WN programmers are: WN-PRG01A (programs 1 device by one), WN-PRG02A (programs 2 devices in parallel), WN-PRG04A (programs 4 devices in parallel), and WN-PRG08A (programs 8 devices in parallel).

In addition, we provide external Demultiplexer modules as accessories for the multiple-sites WriteNow! models, able to extend the programming channels up to 32 in a sequential way (8+8+8+8).

Thanks to the optimized WriteNow! architecture, the typical programming time for R7F701010 device - RH850/F1L Group (512KB Flash and 32KB Data) is about 8 seconds (program + verify). The complete programming cycle included the chip erase, blank check, program and verify with readout method of the whole memory (Code and Data) size is about 11s.

WriteNow! Technology allows to program up to 8 devices at once, drastically reducing programming times, costs, and system complexity. In addition, WriteNow! Technology’s performances allow to achieve the theoretical programming speed for any given device, thus shortening as much as possible the programming phase of the production process.

WriteNow! partners with RNS International for In-System Programming


RNS Internaional's Algocraft now addresses the combined need for both fast and parallel programming. The innovative WriteNow! ISP technology, which allows reaching the theoretical programming speed for any given device on up to 8 devices at a time - drastically reduces programming times, costs, and system complexities. The WriteNow! technology has been created with speed and reliabilyt as key features, and it uses state-of-the-art components and techniques to give rise to teh WriteNow!Series of In-System Programmers. 

This technology allows for universal device support, since the vast majority of ISP protocols (such as UART, SPI, JTAG, I2C, BDM, SWD, SWIM) are implemented by teh same hardware platform. Standard and custom programming algorithms are simply software components that are transferred to the instrument and run natively at the programmer's full speed.

The compact size and versatile interfacing possibilities of the programmers allow them to be conveniently and easily integrated in an ATE or programming/test fixture. Since binary codes, board parameters, programming flow - and, above all, programming intelligence - reside insde the programmer, it can work in standalone mode without being connected to a PC.

The feature-rich programmers easily allow custom programming of each single device with variable data, such as serial numbers, product vendor IDs, bathc numbers, barcode data, and any other variable data. The data encryption feature, coupled with LAN connectivity, allows manufacturing companies to securely synchronize local data with distant prodcution facilities. 


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