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Battery Test Probes

As Battery Test Probes, they are used, for example, wherever it is necessary to charge the rechargeable batteries in mobile devices such as scanners, card readers, communication devices, etc. In many cases, they are also used to connect two PCBs. In addition to many standard products, PTR specializes in customer-specific solutions.

Coaxial Test Probes

Coaxial Test Probes consist of two independent test probes which are insulated from each other. The inner conductor and outer probe operate and "give" independently of each other. Normally, the current flows via the outer probe, and the voltage drops are measured via the inner conductor. Both threaded and un-threaded options available.

Fixture Customizing

-- Interface Pins and Interface Test Probes for various adapter interfaces are available for adapter development.
-- A Marker Probe is available for marking PCBs or similar as correct or defective.
--The Testjet pin is a special pin which is used in adapter development specifically to test HP Testjets or Teradyne Frame Scan applications.

Flying Probes

The Flying Probe testers are designed as a thread variant and are suitable for use in Acculogic and Digitaltest test systems.
A special locking system and extremely high precision of the single components ensure very high test point accuracy.

High Frequency Test Probes

High Frequency Test Probes are compact, space-saving and solid. As a result they are ideally suited for economically carrying out sensitive measuring tasks involving high-frequencies. Furthermore, their modular construction allows the inner and outer conductors to be changed.

High Current Test Probes

High-Current Test Probes are used when higher currents are involved. Thanks to their compact design, these series are available for centers of 2.54 mm to 5.0 mm with a large number of different tip styles. Alternatively, all series are available in a threaded type which ensures an excellent fit in the receptacle.

Test Probes with High Pre-Loaded Spring Force

To ensure reliable contacting of PCBs which are contaminated with residues and or oxidized from soldering process, a wide range of ICT Test Probes is available from PTR. Our product range of High Pre-Loaded Test Probes offer better penetration of contaminants and enable better signal transfer even in Lead-Free applications.

ICT Test Probes

The range of ICT Test Probes comprises all standard series of products which have established themselves on the markets as international standards.

Interface Pin Blocks

Interface Pin Blocks serve the same function as battery probes. The can be used as a charging contact in almost all mobile devices, but also for connecting PCBs and as signal conductors, etc. In such cases, the important advantage is that our standard allows the simultaneous positioning of up to 20 contacts which can be soldered onto the PCB using reflow processes.

Non-Rotating Test Probes

Non-Rotating Test Probes are always used for the precisely-positioned contact-creation of a connector barrel. This is normally the case in the testing of flat connectors, as used for example in fuse holders. Contacting then takes place with rectangular so-called spade-shaped tip styles.

Pneumatic Test Probes

Pneumatic Test Probes are operated with compressed air. The plunger presses against the test piece at an operating pressure 6 bar applied to the test robe via a pneumatic hose. Depending on the size, the maximum contact pressure is up to 1.5 N.

Push-Back Test Probes

Push-Back Test Probes are used for the contacting of connectors when a "catch test" is necessary. All types are designed as switching test probes. Stop parts which are not locked in position are pushed out by the pressure from the connector, and the push-back test probe does not switch or give a signal.

Rotating Test Probes

Rotating Test Probes offer an alternative for the testing of assembled components under unclean conditions. When the plunger is pressed down-wards, its special spiral design causes a rotation, limited to approx. 90 degrees.
This principle allows perfect contact even when the contact surfaces are dirty or oxidized. In combination with the rotating motion, the tip styles - which are normally agressive - also allow the use of proves with lower contact pressures.

Standard Test Probes for Centers less then or equal to 100 mil/ 2.54mm

The Test Probe series up to 100 mil consist of models with different sizes, travel and extension heights. This wide range of products allows multi-purpose use such as the testing of assembled components (in-circuit test or function test) or in other applications - wherever a flexible electrical connection is required.

Switching Test Probes with and without Tread

Switching Test Probes are available in various designs, from simple plug-in types to threaded types for easy replacement systems.

Test Probes for Centers less than 100 mil/ 2.54 mm

The range of universal Test Probes for Centers less than 100 mil comprises types of centers up to 177 mil/ 4.75 mm.
They can be used for ICT/FTs (in-circuit test or functional tests) of components, burn-in/run-in tests, and for applications up to the testing of connectors on cable harnesses. The use of suitable probes allows temperature ranges from -30 degrees Celsius up to 250 degrees Celsius to be achieved.

Test Probes for Small Centers

Test Probes for small centers, the diameters are extremely small, and the receptacles for these Test Probes are supplied with pre-assembled wires.

Threaded Test Probes

The thread on the test probes and receptacle prevents the test probe from gradually twisting out of the receptacle, something which is added by the spontaneous opening of the test module. Different sizes with centers from 1.27 to 4.0 mm with different tip styles and contact pressures provide a basis for almost all connectors which need testing.


A wide range of accessories is available for the professional use of PTR test probes. These include receptacle insertion tools for the ICT test probe range and test probes for use in test modules for cable tests. In addition, we offer screwing tools for our series of test probes with thread, also available as torque screwdrivers.

Useful Probe Information

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