High-Frequency Test Probes

RF Probes use the top technology in the field of high frequency

We offer standard versions of RF probes for applications up to 6 GHz.  RF probes are also availabe in a threaded version. 


The inner conductor of most of our high-frequency probes can be easily changed, which drastically reduces the cost of maintenance. Choose from any of the following types:

  • MS-156
  • U.FL-m
  • R-SMA-m
  • MCX-f
  • SMA-f
  • SMB-m
  • SMB-f
  • SMC-m
  • Fakra

All RF probes come with an integrated MCX connector. Coax cables are sold separately with flexible high frequency Multi-flex, with an open end, or plug.

High-Frequency Test Probes

High Frequency Test Probes are compact, space-saving and solid. As a result they are ideally suited for economically carrying out sensitive measuring tasks involving high-frequencies. Furthermore, their modular construction allows the inner and outer conductors to be changed.



This video will assist you when you work with high-frequency test probes. It makes clear both the fitting and removal and also the replacement of inner and outer conductors. 



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