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Expanded High-Current Test Probes Offerings

Compact designs for use in extreme production environments

New high current test probe offerings good for a maximum current rating of 16.0 A or 100.0 A and has a typical continuity resistance of less than or equal to 5  or 10 mOhm. These probes are available with several different tips and different spring forces. 


More Info on the 1080 High Current Test Probes


More info on the 5310 High Current Test Probes



PCB Connections at right angles

Sandwich-type construction PCBs often need to be connected to each other, and test probes provide an especially space-saving solution for this purpose. 
The 5099.43 series now makes it possible to connect PCBs at right angles to each other. To do this, the test probes are positioned horizontally on the PCB. The contact areas of the test probe ensure a very good fit on the PCB, and at the same time they provide a good suction area, which makes possible fully-automatic placing on the tape. 
This series offers advantages especially for the positioning of single or separate contacts on the PCB. Positioning with spacing of 3.5 mm or greater is possible here. PTR's tried-and-tested gold plating process ensures a high-quality, durable contact which can conduct up to 8 A. This series is available with two spring forces of 0.5 N and 2 N.

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